CMA Martial Arts - Highly Experienced, Great Environment, Affordable for Everyone.
Our people are among the most
 talented in the industry.
 It would be our pleasure to put our
 extensive experience to work for you.
 Sensei Robert Reece
                   Chief Instructor        
CMA Martial Arts
Fort Erie.
 Started training in 1976.
 Started teaching in 1988.
8th Dan Sekai Seito Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Kyokai.
5th Dan Gojukobudo,
Founder Raiondo Kobudo.
    2nd Dan Japanese Jijitsu.
4th Dan Chinese Kenpo
1st Dan Muso jekiden Iaido
Instructor Certified Tai Chi chuan
Official news is in...
 4th Dan Jokyu Seiwa Kai Gojuryu Karatedo.
  Many other Dans in different styles and organizations,
  including Board member of many
different organizations.
  Member of Japan Karate Federation Goju Kai.
  Member of Karate Ontario
and the National Karate association of Canada
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