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About Us
Goju-Ryu History
The style that we practice, Goju-Ryu, is one of the four major styles of
Japanese or Okinawan Karate. Goju-Ryu can be traced back hundreds
of years to the island of Okinawa.
Due to a vast and varied political climate, the Goju-Ryu style went
through many changes. At one point in Goju-Ryu's development,
Karate training and weapons were forbidden on the island of Okinawa.
It was left to the early masters to continue training in secret, often in
underground dojos.
One of the early masters of Karate was Kanryo Higaonna.
Born in 1853, he is credited with bringing Chinese martial arts to Okinawa.
Higaonna was not a teacher but was convinced to open a dojo when others heard of his reputation in China. He taught martial arts in the most traditional manner to
those who would learn, not to those who wanted to be taught.
Many would-be students came to Higaonna and many were sent
on their way.
However, one student by the name of Chojun Miyagi did not only stay
but was eventually to succeed his teacher and became the founder
of Goyu-Ryu Karate. Chojun Miyagi was born in 1888, in Naha,
Okinawa. When he was fourteen years old he started to study
Karate with Grandmaster Higaonna. Though his dedication of the
study of the martial arts, Miyagi was credited with making the system
solid and well respected. He was such a dominant force in modern
Karate that he became well known not only as the founder of Goju-Ryu
Karate but also as the true leader of Okinawan and Japanese Karate.
This is why the roots of modern Karate are traced back to this man.
Based upon the early combative arts, Goju-Ryu was developed to be
versatile and adaptable to any and all self-defense situations. In creating
the style, Miyagi went beyond what was necessary for physical ability
and incorporated the features necessary to build character, develop
self-confidence, improve attention span, increase patience, enhance
self-respect and learn discipline.
There is much Oriental wisdom and philosophy infused in the training
that is useful in present day living. Miyagi devoted his entire life to
study and refinement of Goju-Ryu.
Gogen Yamaguchi, was born in Kyushi, Japan on January 20, 1909. In
1929 Gogan Yamaguchi invites Chojun Miyagi to Japan and in 1930
establishes Japanese Goju-ryu headquarters in Tokyo. In 1937, he
receives the name, Gogen, from Chojun Miyagi and authorized him to
spread and promote Goju-ryu in Japan. In 1950 he founded the national
organization of All Japan Karate-do Goju-Kai in Tokyo, Japan. He had
3 sons who are masters and promoters of Goju-Kai around the world. IKGA
International is under Saiko Shihan Goshi Yamaguchi since the passing of
Gogen Yamaguchi in 1989.
History of CMA Martial Arts
CMA was established in 1994 by Robert Reece. Along with his Goju-ryu training, Robert has trained, been certified and ranked in numerous martial arts which include, Tai kwon do, United States Combat Systems, Kickboxing,Tai Chi, Kobudo, Chinese Kenpo, Neko-do Systems of Goju-ryu (8th Dan Kyoshi),
Iaido and has participated in many seminars and tournaments.
Robert has incorporated his 30+ years of training in the martial arts and
his life experiences to found the style of Raiondo-goju (hard soft
way of the lion). Raiondo-goju is a personal work in progress for Robert but his main arts are Seiwa Kai Goju-ryu, Iaido and Tai chi chuan.
Robert went looking for the true lineage of Goju-ryu and in 1999 met
and trained with Craig Vokey in Sudbury, Shihan of IKGA Canada. Since that time
many members left IKGA including Vokey Shihan and now are members of
Seiwa Kai Gojuryu under Goshukan Canada.
Robert was awarded the Honorary degree "Doctor of Budo" by the
American College of Martial Sciences. To find out more about ACMC and
their programs go to
Robert has recently been awarded an
International Phd in Philosophy in Martial Arts.
In Feb 2000, we moved to 6420 McLeod Rd .
Robert started a part-time not-for-profit location at
 2999 Dorchester Road, Mary Ward School. 
We enjoyed classes with Sensei Cathy Henningham (seen on picture below) ,now married with a differend last name and busy. Her schedule prevents her from training with us now, but, who knows, one day Cathy might be back. We better be ready...
Our part-time schools had classes during that time
 in 2 different churches in Niagara Falls.
CMA Martial Arts
1731 Dominion Road,
Fort Erie, Ont L2A 5M4
In 2009 we looked for a new location in Fort Erie, and
 in September that year, we were teaching our first class
in this special location.
In 2012 we found the location on Dominion Road was getting a bit small. We started our search for a larger location. Now after months of renos, our new location at
151 Gilmore Road
Fort Erie
is now open and classes are going great
Steve Stenhouse has been training since 1992.
 He currently holds a blackbelt with Seiko Seito Goju-ryu Karatedo,Nidan in Raiondo Kobudo
 and has achieved rank in Taikwondo.
At our part time schools, Steve did play an important role, teaching classes regularly, helping setup corriculum, general support and leadership.
List of Black Belts
CMA Martial Arts
Certified by Robert Reece
Sensei Cathy Henningham
 Nidan Gojuryu
                Shodan Raiondo Kobudo
Sensei Steven Stenhouse
 Shodan Gojuryu
           Nidan Raiondo Kobudo
Melissa Thomas
 Shodan Gojuryu,
               Shodan Seiwa Kai Gojuryu
                                         Nidan Sekai Seito Goju-Ryu Karatedo Kyokai
           1st Kyu Raiondo Kobudo
 Sampei Jeff Lyons
Shodan Gojuryu
Ned Antic- Shodan Gojuryu
Dan Henningham- Shodan Gojuryu
Ed Brown - Shodan Gojuryu
Kim Crawford - Shodan Gojuryu
Krystle Reece - Shodan Gojuryu
  Bryan Bale Shodan Gojuryu
Laura Burey Shodan- Ho
Brown Belts
Jessica Reece
Frankie Passero
Scott Sovar
Dale Hall
Ian Bale
Greg Young
Matt Thomas
Liam Burgess
Parker Midgley
Chandler Ladd
Avery Steinbach-Parker
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